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1. How much inventory am I required to stock for customers?
None. You simply place an order after each show you do. How easy is that? No guessing what future customers might want, no tying up your money or shelf space. Of course, you will want to invest in jewelry samples to display at your shows. You decide which ones and how much you can afford. And remember, you get to wear your samples!

2. How much money can I expect to earn in this business?
As a Jeweler, you make 50% gross profit on jewelry you sell at suggested retail. And as you help others get started in Premier, the company will pay you a monthly commission equal to 10% of their wholesale.

3. When do I get paid for doing a Jewelry Show?
On the spot. Every Jewelry Show is a pay day for you. You keep your 50% profit from each sale and send the rest to Premier along with the tax and shipping paid by the customers.

4. How much time will my Premier business require?
That's up to you. As a Jeweler, you are your own boss and can choose to work part-time or full-time, based on your earning goals. Remember, however, that the amount you earn is directly related to the time you invest.


5. What about monthly sales quotas?
There are no sales quotas for Jewelers. If you choose to sponsor new Jewelers, a minimum monthly amount of personal sales is required in order to receive a commission check.

6. What prior business or retailing experience do I need to become a Jeweler?
None. You can succeed as a Jeweler with just two qualities: a teachable spirit and a willingness to work. The Jeweler who sponsors you will help you get started and get you plugged into the local Premier group for as much training and encouragement as you'll ever need.

7. How do I become a Premier Jeweler?
If you do not know a Jeweler, simply contact Premier and we will put a Jeweler in touch with you.