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One doesn’t have to be around Premier Designs very long to hear the importance of “Keeping it Personal.”  Our Co-Founder, Joan Horner, set an example of this relationship from the very beginning.  We are striving to continue this foundational principle and have been seeking to be more personal than ever before.

As technology has presented many means of communication over the years, we are now inundated with tools.  These tools can be used to separate people from having meaningful relationships or they can be used to bring people closer together as part of a community.

After much thought and planning, we are ready to grow our community.  We want you to know more of what you are part of and have a way to share it with others.  We want to recognize and encourage you.  We want you to have a way to respond to us and support one another.  We want to keep information in front of you on a daily basis that you can access through a number of different sources.

Beginning soon, you can stay up to date and engage with our Blog!  We can “connect” on Facebook!  You can “follow” us on Twitter!  We can “share” with each other on YouTube and Flickr!  This is all in addition to the new public website which will be launched at the same time – a place to proudly refer others to learn about this great community.

None of this is intended to replace the personal touch but to enhance it.  If you want to call us, a live person is still going to answer.  Nothing beats a real conversation!  However, you can now stay in touch regardless where you are and what else is happening in your day.  We are proud to have you in our Premier family and are excited about the community we share together.  There are some great years ahead for Premier Designs.

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